Mid-week pick me up


my tree

My son had gone to bed tonight and then ten minutes later I went back in his room for another cuddle and he said ‘I love it when you come in for an extra cuddle’. As you can imagine this warmed my heart. We chatted for a while and then I reminded him of the funny things he did when he was little such as singing songs with the wrong words when he thought they were right and we just left him to do it as it was just so cute.

For a long while he could not pronounce ‘sp’ and substituted it with ‘f’. Spiderman became Fiderman, sponge became fonge.

As you can see from the photo my lovely boy also used to read in the apple tree in our garden, something I used to love to watch him do.

Memories are such wonderful things aren’t they and I feel all fuzzy and warm inside tonight.

I hope you had a good day and made some memories.

Jane x


3 thoughts on “Mid-week pick me up

  1. Jane, how sweet! My heart aches just a little reading this. Each day I think, this must be the best moment, the best age, the best time, we are having right now with the girls. And then the next day I think the same thing. Imagine, loving another snuggle from mum. What a lovely boy you have! And I know you know it!

    • Such nice words Liz, thanks. I think you just have to enjoy every stage for it’s joys and sometimes tribulations. I do remember the rants on occasion but he is a lovely boy although he does have his grumpy moments, as do we all (I can be a total grump at times – I am sure James will vouch for that!) Jxx

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