Paper love


my handmade paper hearts

I really love paper, and anything made from it, so after a little searching today I came across these beauties:

Paper flower tutorial from Dozi here. I absolutely love these flowers. I may have to have a goat these in nice bright spring colours, lovely.

Handmade paper birds from Cotton Bird Designs here. How amazing are these little fellows, love them!

Handmade book boats also from Cotton Bird Designs here. From the same designer as the birds and just as fabulous I am sure you will agree?

Autumn branches from Cherry Tomato here. Although this is for Autumn branches it could be easily changed to spring, so nice.

Mini notepads from The Black Apple here. These notepads are just so cute and check out everything The Black Apple has for sale, some truly wonderful things.

Paper art from Yulia Brodskaya here. This link is last but certainly not least. I CANNOT stop looking at these, they are awesome!!!

Hope you enjoy these paper finds as much as I did.

J x


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