Hi there and I hope your Friday is behaving and being a good one?

I don’t work on Fridays so they are mostly good to be honest. I have decided that every Friday I will take some photos of my day. It will be so nice to have a sort of Friday photo diary for me to look back on when I am old and grey. Hopefully, by then I won’t work any other day of the week either.

Here are today’s photos, full of sunshine. It’s been such a beautiful day and the sun was much-needed. I hope you have had a bright day wherever you are.

Have a great evening and a happy, relaxing weekend!

Jane x


my (big) feet enjoying the sun


so glad to see you



sun through nan's vase

switch on the sun


3 thoughts on “28.1.2011

  1. I hope it was okay for me to “snatch” your beautiful daffodils to share on my blog! 😦 Thanks for commenting on mine – I’ll ask in the future – I didn’t see anything saying I needed to ask but realize I should have. Love your pictures and LOVE daffodils

  2. I just realized I put this on my own blog – not yours – 🙂 Definitely showing my age.

    I love the name Jane – don’t you? Actually it is my middle name. I hated it when I was a “teenager” to the point that I spelled it Jayne (after Jayne Mansfield – I know – I’m telling just how old I am) on my first Social Security Card. My uncle named me Patricia but my Dad gave me my middle name. Now I LOVE my middle name. My Mom always called me Triciajane.

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