Another wonderful discovery

I just keep coming across wonderful art and I am afraid I have to share it with someone, and that is you, out there in the blogosphere.

I came across this artist, again quite by chance, and I give credit to my friend Liz Noonan. I was just checking out her latest post, Another special birthday girl, in which she shows a great little camera bag she has made for her lovely daughter’s birthday. Well the camera bag looks very Van Gogh Starry Night inspired, and when I had finished reading Liz’s blog post I thought, I will check out the Van Gogh painting in question, as I think it’s really wonderful. Anyway to cut a long story short (thank goodness! I hear you cry) I stumbled upon another amazing artist called Carol Aust.  I actually feel quite emotional looking at her paintings, they just have something. Anyway, see for yourself, over at this fantastic artist’s website. Let me know what you think?

Have a great week.

Jane x

p.s. thanks Liz!

cloud watchers by carol aust

two children on a rock by carol aust

a quiet place to read by carol aust

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2 thoughts on “Another wonderful discovery

  1. I am not too kind at all, it’s true if I hadn’t looked for VG painting I wouldn’t have spotted Carol’s wonderful art. Glad you like it too! I am tempted to email one of the galleries to see how much her paintings are, but I am sure they will be way above my budget. Will have to get saving! J x

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