My lovely boy…

…is eleven years old today. I cannot comprehend how the time went so fast, how did it happen? From the tiny dot  he truly was in 2000 to the child I am amazed by every day, it has been a journey I can tell you. Born 7 weeks early and oh so much smaller than I had expected, just 3lb 13 oz. He was not well and I had been rather poorly with pre-eclampsia and was so glad for him to be born okay, all be it rather small. Nothing was ready at home but as long as our darling boy was okay then that didn’t matter one bit.

He was taken to the Special Care Baby Unit where he had lots of tests and being so small it was so heartbreaking for me and my husband but he was so well looked after. The staff were amazing and he grew stronger and stronger but I had to go home and leave my darling boy in the hospital and I can tell you that nearly broke my heart. I have never cried so much in my whole life before or after. We visited every day, me staying all day, and I remember even though he was in an incubator and poorly and everything was so not how I had wanted it to be I felt the most massive bond with my child, like nothing I have ever felt before.

Just over two weeks later we brought the little bean home and I was so flipping happy, it was the best day ever!!!!! We knew our bundle of  joy had a few obstacles to overcome, some problems that needed operations, but we also knew we could get through it and over the years we have. Our son has had 4 operations, the first one lasting 4 hours which was the worst four hours of mine and my husbands lives.

But all is well now, my lovely boy is fit and healthy and I could not be prouder of him if I tried. He has grown into a wonderful person and I love him for his sensitivity, his talents, his humour, his caring nature and not forgetting the fine cups of tea he now makes me!

Happy 11th Birthday, I love you.

Mum xxxx

our bean

and look at you now


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