A new year, a new avenue?

Towards the end of last year I was having lots of thoughts about jewellery. I love it and want to make my own to sell, but I want it to be a bit different. I have been dabbling about with paper and such like and have come up with a process of layering pretty papers I have bought, then sanding them to give them a vintage style. I have finally varnished them to protect them and make them more durable.

One of the results so far is this pair of earrings, which even if I say myself, are quite nice (not a great photo though, bit dark).


earrings for helen

They are destined for my very good friend Helen’s ears. I hope she likes them? And, I hope you do too? Let me know what you think. Maybe they will end up in my Etsy shop, which I have had for a while and not set up properly. It is one of my aims this year to get this sorted.

Thanks for taking a look.

Jane x


2 thoughts on “A new year, a new avenue?

  1. Jane, I love it! One thing I hate about earrings is the weight – they bother my ears and all the brightly colored ones tend to be too heavy for me to wear. I bet these are perfect for someone like myself! I can’t wait to see some in your Etsy shop!
    Great work!

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