My son got really upset today, he’s reached the age where you start thinking about things a bit more deeply and has realised that the world is not perfect.

He was upset because he had started to think about dying and what happens to you when you do. We had a really big cuddle and a chat and I asked what worried him most about dying, and he replied, losing all his memories.

Several tissues later I wiped my eyes and so did my son. What a sad yet amazing thing to come from a ten-year old and I knew exactly what he meant. We make so many memories in our lifetime, some good, some bad but what a desperate shame to lose them all. Of course I told him that where ever we go in the end we will always have our memories, and I believe that, I truly do.

This photo was taken last year in Scotland and yes some wonderful memories were made.

memories are forever


One thought on “Memories

  1. What a tender hearted boy you have, you are so fortunate that he is sensitive enough to even ponder such things! Maybe sitting down to write a book of his memories will help him feel better?
    I bet he takes after his mum đŸ˜‰

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