’tis the season…

…to be jolly! I think it’s the snow that’s done it. I love this time of year anyway but the snow has just pushed me over the edge of giddiness. I just cannot wait to get all the decorations down from the loft and put them up, then to me the festive season will have arrived.

I remember once as a kid convincing myself that I had seen santa flying across the sky out of my bedroom window. I now know I didn’t (still a tiny bit of me wants to believe it) and was probably so delirious with excitement that I was hallucinating! But oh christmas is just so wonderful, all bright and sparkly and full of promise. There are so many things to love about christmas, here is my little list:

seeing my son’s face on christmas morning

being with family

being with friends


all the wonderful smells

fairy lights

food, lots of food

wine, yes can’t forget that

feeling  warm and sleepy after lots of food and wine

films I have seen a million times but watching them anyway

christmas cd’s

thinking about our sponsored child in africa and hoping he is having a good time

making christmas crafts


I realise how lucky I am looking at this list and would like to spare a thought for people less fortunate. My wish this christmas would be that everyone in the world could feel safe, warm, loved and happy. If only I could make that come true.

I know I am not alone in my giddiness and I would love to know what your favourite things are about the festive season?

I've got that festive feeling!



3 thoughts on “’tis the season…

  1. That’s a beautiful post! I love the wreath, did you make it?
    I’m thankful for having a healthy, happy family and that I’m able to make things for other people, it’s the most satisfying feeling!

    • Hi Liz! Thanks for your kind comment. I’ve just come over all festive today. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to give people your own creations, I totally agree. Yes, I did make the wreath and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have a wonderful weekend, J x

  2. I love your list! I have to say that fairy lights are really some of the best things ever. I drag mine out more often than I probably should because they make everything feel special.
    (Found you through Scoutie Girl.) And your wreath is adorable.

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