Wonderful winter

I know it gets dark early at this time of year and it can really get us all down from time to time but today was one of those winter days that you pray for. It was beautiful. We took a really nice walk in Wentworth, a lovely village not far from us, and really enjoyed it. Take a look at my wonderful winter day. Had to take the one of the back of the gravestone for the great 18th Century humour. If you can’t quite make it out it says ‘for goodness sake sit this stone up again’ – love it!

Hope you like the winter tune too : ) I love Simon and Garfunkel, those amazing harmonies.

wonderful wentworth winter day

18th century humour


One thought on “Wonderful winter

  1. I love winter! I used to hate it but that’s when I had my girls so now I love it – so much so that my middle daughter, Millie’s, middle name is winter 🙂
    It’s magical! A time for snuggling, being together, slowing down and making yummy food.
    That gravestone is awesome, love the sentiment!

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