…a time for reflection.

It’s a bit of a funny time of year for me really. While I love Autumn, the colours of the trees and all that comes with it, I also feel a little sad too. Not because it’s the end of summer, that is just what has to happen. It’s because in September 7 years ago I had to have an operation because I had cervical cancer. I am in no way feeling sorry for myself by the way, as without the operation I might not be here now, but it was the end of my chance to have more children and that was the saddest part for me.

I have more than my fair share of things to be thankful for though, not least my wonderful boy and everything he is. I am lucky to have had a child and knowing I had him helped me through a very rough time.

All that said, Autumn also fills me with lots of happy feelings too. I love the colours of the trees changing and look forward to Halloween. I also start looking forward to Christmas, my very favourite time of year. All the sparkly lights and good times, that is what life is all about isn’t it?

While life can throw some real shit at you and it isn’t always perfect and how you would like it. If you can just find something to look forward to or be thankful for it makes it all so worth it. Don’t you think?

virginia creeper showing her autumn colours

september sunset

my boy

Click here for great Autumn recipes from Netmums.

A bit of music to round things off.


2 thoughts on “Autumn…

  1. When my mum and dad died, I really appreciated the friendship of some very special girls who made me laugh an awful lot. They still do as well!

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