The sky’s the limit!

Lately, while washing pots, I have become quite obsessed with the sky out of the kitchen window. There is sky out of all our windows (ha ha) but I tend to gaze out of the kitchen one most while washing up. We seem to be having much more interesting and beautiful skies than we used to, or am I just noticing them more? Anyway, I thought I would share my kitchen views with you and if any of you fancy popping round to dry the pots, you will be made most welcome!! Tea towels provided.

The last image is out of the bedroom window just to prove we do have sky out of all windows – hee hee!

Hope you like the ELO track at the end. The song reminds me totally of my childhood because my dad loved the band and still does. Good memories – ahhhhh!

into the blue

perfect purple

fade to grey

storm's comin'

out of the bedroom window


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