Things that made me happy this week!

I haven’t blogged for ages so I thought I had better get my act together and write a post! How are you all out their? I hope life is treating you well.

Since I was last here I have bought the name kooksgingerboy and am in the process of sorting out a website which I am very giddy about! Another thing I am happy about this week are some wonderful buttons I ordered from LittleRedCottage which are absolutely the loveliest things ever, I mean look at them in the jar, like yummy sweets with no calories – I have button love! Thanks LittleRedCottage, I will be back for more and cannot wait to make stuff with them! Also, I have set up a little box of goodies in my local Visitor Centre selling my cards, brooches etc which I am hoping will sell well, fingers crossed. The tulip is one that broke off from a bunch and is so pretty. It also reminds me of my friend’s wedding last year as all her flowers were white tulips – beautiful!

All in all folks it’s been a fab week and I hope your’s has too. What made you happy this week?


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