Tunes that get my juices flowing…

…this is so up my street and is the latest question from scoutiegirl

I live in a very musical household so it plays a very big part in mine and my family’s life. I am not musical, my son is a drummer and my husband plays piano and bass guitar, but I love and I mean LOVE music!!!

can't live without it!

Most recently I have listened to Florence and the Machine while crafting, but lots of other stuff gets the old juicearoonies flowing. Actually, and I know this sounds dramatic, but seriously folks I could not live without music. The memories songs can evoke, my whole life has a soundtrack! But anyway that’s another blog post, as far as music to do stuff to, here’s a bit of  list, listen if you care to, just click the links:

Florence and the Machine – Drumming Song – this is just soooo good (play loud)!

Eels – In my Younger Days – Eels are just so amazing, everyone should hear them.

David Bowie, Hunky Dorie – Kooks (1971 live version) – had to choose this but the whole album is fantastic.


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