The tomatoes have landed…

…well actually they’ve  just grown, the title is just for dramatic effect. but, not only have they grown but they have also been moved outside, the little darlings. Twas a tearful moment but they were just too big for their pot and had outgrown the kitchen windowsill.

They are not looking bad at all, some are larger than others (like us humans) but that’s okay, but sadly I fear some of the smaller ones may not survive (wipes tear dramatically from eye). We shall see anyway, just need to keep on watering them and some may even have outgrown their new pots by the end of the week – go tommies! The little sweeties better carry on growing, I have offered tomato plants to my work colleagues!

I got a great little tomato greenhouse from my local hardware shop for only £9.99 and this is where the little babies are housed. They seem to have settled in anyway, scatter cushions everywhere! Anyway, I feel I am tipping over into tomato insanity, so I am going to bid you farewell for now my friends. I will update as and when : )

the tomatoes have landed


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