What gives you that friday feeling?

I work in marketing monday to Thursday so when Friday rolls around I am well and truly glad and I WELL and TRULY have that Friday feeling. The day is usually taken up with cleaning but I don’t care a jot because it’s Friday, it’s the beginning of my weekend and I am soooooo happy. Sometimes other factors enter into my Friday feeling and rev it up a notch. For instance today I am dusting  and listening to BBC Radio 6 and the fantastic song ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow has just been played. The Friday feeling went into absolute overdrive, butterflies in my stomach and all that malarkey. It’s warm outside so there’s a promise of nice weather for the weekend, again the Friday feeling revs!  It’s not even like I am in my twenties and have an action packed weekend of partying. I am 41 for goodness sake with a family of my own, but why should that stop me? It doesn’t, and I hope it never does, you are never too old for that Friday feeling, it just moves on to another stage.

I love being at home, not getting up early, spending time with my family, it’s three days of freedom to do what we choose! Another added feeling that is creeping in today though is down to the fact that I have made a few decisions that I am excited about and maybe in the future I will have that Friday feeling every day.

What gives you that Friday feeling?

Here’s a bit of my kind of Friday feeling music, click and enjoy : )




4 thoughts on “What gives you that friday feeling?

  1. Fridays are the best. My favorite part is when I get up before the sun on Fridays, I know the next day I can sleep in as late as I want. Blissssss. Envious of the 4-day work week. 🙂

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