Growing tomatoes – good idea or destined for epic fail?

I bought this great all in one kit today for just one pound, yes you heard it, one pound. Thought J and I could grow tomatoes, my mum grows them every year and has bountiful crops which we all munch our way through happily. We have planted the seeds and have now just got to wait to see what pops up (if anything). My mum has green fingers (bright green!) mine are well, sort of mucky yellow with maybe a slight tinge of green (I have one very healthy house plant, the rest are hanging in there).

Anyway, I took a few images of the initial process. Watch this space for bountiful crops, or perhaps no-show tomato plants. My mum will be so proud if we manage to grow some, so please cheer us on – you don’t want to let my mum down now, do you?

the tomato growing kit - just plant seeds and add water!

sowing the seeds - sow hopeful!

bit too much water there - poor seeds will drown!

there you go little seedies, a nice sunny spot!


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