Under the sea in a jar!

Me and my lovely son decided to make something today – under the sea in a jar. It looks really sweet.

To make you will need:

A fairly large glass jar with a lid preferably (I lost the lid so improvised)

tin foil

blue paper

sticky pads

some sequins or something sparkly


needle and thread

an elastic band

shells, pebbles, buttons (if you have them)

First we screwed up some foil and placed it in the bottom of the jar for a nice sparkly effect.

Then cut a piece of paper to insert around half of the inside of the jar.

Make some small fish shapes out of foil and stick them to the blue paper (sticky pads are best) and also glue on some sparkly sequins or glitter or children could draw sea creatures on the paper.

We also cut out a bit of seaweed from green felt for the inside of the jar.

Place the paper in the jar so the pictures, foil fish or whatever you decided on are facing inside the jar

My son then went to find some shells he has and some stones and we placed them in the bottom along with some star buttons (to look like starfish).

We decided to have a jellyfish too which I cut out of felt and my son added the eyes. Then sew a little thread to the top of the jellyfish and stick the other end of the thread to the inside of the lid of the jar (I had to use foil as I lost the lid). Screw the lid on and either leave it like that or you can cut out a circle of bright felt and secure it to the lid with an elastic band.

And there you have it – under the sea in a jar!


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