Demo for spring inspired brooch (as promised)

Hi, here is my demo for the spring inspired brooch. I feel this would be a lovely project for an older child, maybe 8 years plus.

Below in the demo pictures are the supplies you need to make the brooch. This one is spring inspired but any colour felts can be used.

Cut out two hearts the same size and then one heart in a contrasting colour about half the size of the others.

Sew the smaller heart shape onto one of the larger ones and then sew on the button.

Then, sew the two larger hearts together, making sure you leave a gap at the top to put in the stuffing. I have used super soft toy filling.

Once the brooch is filled, sew the top up, glue on or sew on a brooch fastening (glueing is easier but sewing is more secure) and there you go, a lovely spring brooch!!

Wear and enjoy : )


3 thoughts on “Demo for spring inspired brooch (as promised)

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