The writing is on the move

I have moved the writing…it just seems better as the primary reason for the felt boutique is craft and promotion not writing.

I really hope you will come and visit.

Jane x


Through the layers

I am rising to the surface

moving slowly, carefully

through the layers.


I can see the sunlight

from down here

it urges me on.


When I break through

I will breath in the air

and be alive.

January prompt-a-day with write alm…today’s prompt is – surface.

Damp and gloomy here but I know somewhere the sun is shining…hope it is where you are.

Jane xx

Currently reading…

…not from the pages of a book

but from opened hearts

souls bared

snippets of lives

precious thoughts never before given to others.


Words so tangible

for a minute

I am invited into your world

and I am honoured

because I know how hard it can be.


Beautiful words

tenderly offered 

born from love, pain, joy, purity

giving life’s everything.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – currently reading

You all amaze me…thank you for allowing me into your worlds.

Jane xx

‘C’ is for…

‘C’ is for cervix

‘C ‘ is for cancer

two things inextricably linked.


One I miss

the other I do not.

One held the promise of a second child

the other took that away.


I feel guilt

and an overwhelming sense of protection

for my only child

and that somehow I have let him down.


It is ten years ago now

time is a great healer

but still, sometimes in quiet moments

I cry about what could have been.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – ‘C’ is for

Last week was Cervical Cancer Awareness Week for more info on this and Cervical Cancer click here.

Cervical Cancer may have taken away my chance of another child but thanks to Cervical Screening I am able to see my wonderful boy grow up.

Have a great Sunday.

Jane xx

Through the grass from the beach

Dark unopened rooms

Dark unopened rooms

places where no-one dares to go.


Written in letters unsent

trapped in minds; never uttered.


Brushed under carpets

whispered; sometimes through decades.


Life shattering, unsayable things

heartbreaking and unacknowledged.


Painfully suspended in time; never shared

burnt embers of a life half lived.


The healing wings of truth

forever clipped by shame.


Secrets that should have been spoken

lay in graves forever silent.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – family secret(s)

Just a writer of words

I am no muse,

just a writer of words

that spring from my head

and my heart.


Some come from a dark place

even I didn’t know existed

rising from the depths

in search of air to breath.


Some dance out of my head

light like a feather

floating down onto the page

making me smile.


Some shoot out so fast

I cannot catch them

firing into the ether

never to be penned.


But all these words

are a part of me

born into this world

like a beloved child.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – muse.

Happy Friday!

Jane xx

Green light

The green light has been broken for so long the replacement bulbs are no longer stocked…I looked but could not find one anywhere. Amber flickered on a few months ago but only briefly…so it’s just been red for the longest time.

Then one day I came across a website and low and behold they sold the exact bulbs I needed for the green light! So, I purchased one there and then. It arrived promptly; I unwrapped it carefully so as not to break it. It was a little tricky I can tell you…it flickered a few times and then went off; but I didn’t give up. I tried and tried then suddenly with a final twist it came on as bright a green as you have ever seen and it’s been like that ever since!

Thanks Write Alm for the bulb that has lit up my green light and thanks to all the other wonderful writers out there who are inspiring me very much!

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – green light.

green light

I am going to purchase a few spare bulbs just in case…

Jane xx


I am rooted but not fixed

Able to move freely

But happy to return

To my harbour


I am grounded but not immovable

Eager to explore

But happy to return

To my sanctuary


I am secure but not locked

Willing to roam

But happy to return

To my haven

I love this quote from Simone Weil To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognised need of the human soul.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – rooted.

Thanks for reading…Jane xx

Reflection on a life overshadowed

I cannot make you well. I am not a doctor, nurse, maker of miracles. But, if I could you know I would because when I see your pain it fills me with a sadness I cannot put into words.

It has taken so many things from you…us. Sometimes at its worst you are a shadow floating around us; a ghost.

I would be a liar if I said it doesn’t make me angry because sometimes I could scream until my lungs burst. This anger is not for you but for it.

We do hide its impact on our lives from others because even though they care they wouldn’t understand…why should they?

Sometimes I feel so sad I can hardly breath but thankfully that is not often. I have to stay strong, be the prop; and that’s fine because I am not the one in constant pain.

We deal with this everyday; sometimes quietly, sometimes less so.

I know you don’t want sympathy because that is just a reminder of what you have to endure every day. But I want you to know that I am happy, I love you with every bone in my body, even when I am angry, and I wouldn’t want to walk this bumpy road with anyone else.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – reflection.

You have no idea how good it felt to write that…personal therapy (aka daily writing).

Jane xx



March 2012 103 photoshop

I am so tired tonight…there has been work, shopping, cooking and time together. I really was not going to post a blog today but I made a promise to myself that I would write every day so here I am; tired but writing : )

When I  l o o k  u p  at the sky…

…it’s a reminder for me of the vastness of this planet we all live on. That millions of other people could be looking up at the sky at the same time as me and that there is so much possibility.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – look up.

Short and sweet today but I can now go to bed and not feel that itch I should have scratched.

Goodnight xx